Weight kg 2.410 - 2.550
Dimensions: (LxDxH) cm 150 x 210 x 150
Engine kW 45
Pumping pistons Nr. 3
Water consumption l/h 90 - 120
Functional features
Operating pressure Capacity
bar from (l/h) to (l/h)
100 12.000 16.000
130 10.500 16.000
150 9.500 15.500
180 8.000 12.000
200 7.500 12.000
230 6.200 10.000
250 5.800 9.500
300 5.000 8.000
Compression head and Homogenizing valve
  • Compression head manufactured from a single block of high quality stainless steel, with a 5 year guarantee against cracking and defects
  • Each valve assembly is housed inside an individually inspected AISI 316 stainless steel block
  • Pumping Pistons manufactured with special hard wearing coating and double guides
  • Valve group assemblies have replaceable seats and hemispherical valve shutters, ideal for processing a wide range of products
  • Homogenizing valves designed for efficient use of energy, with high stability and alignment of the moving parts (impact head). The FBF hydrodynamic design ensures vibration free homogenization
  • Pump body made in thick walled premium grade high-resistance cast iron, engineered to withstand heavy loads and cancel out vibration. Reduction gear integrated into the pump body
  • Crankshaft in special steel (heat treated and ultrasound scanned), supported by 5 robust roller bearings, with bronze bearings on the crankpins only
  • Force fed lubrication with a special oil level sensor, a fine filter to collect impurities and a single oil lubrication system for both the pump body and the reduction gears. An alarm indicates high oil temperature
  • 3 phase, 4 pole, AC electric drive motor
  • Power Transmission using a ’V’’ belt with automatic tensioning
Maintenance kit
  • Initial set of spare parts supplied with the machine include the following: full set of gaskets, a set of springs for valves and a complete safety valve set
  • Set of tools for ordinary maintenance
  • Lubrication oil (pump body and gearbox)
  • Instruction and maintenance manuals (2 copies + CD ROM)
Standard options
  • 2nd stage homogenizing valve
  • Digital pressure transducers
  • Electrical Controls - Fixed Capacity: An internal electrical board; Variable Capacity: separate stainless steel cabinet for local installation
  • Aseptic Version with “sterility barriers” traced with steam condensate
  • Pulsation dampeners on product inlet and/or outlet connections
  • Automatic disconnection of the homogenizing pressure if the inlet pressure falls below a safe level, by means of a pressure gauge with alarm contacts fitted to the product inlet connection to the machine
  • Automatic homogenization pressure controller

* Technical specifications are not mandatory and are subject to change without notice