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We constantly pursue excellence in every aspect of our work. Our dedication is the beating heart of FBF Italy and is recognised and evidenced by high and rigorous quality standards.

Our certifications of homogenizers, positive displacement pumps and spare parts are not just documents on paper, but the result of years of constant commitment, continuous research and an approach to production that does not compromise on quality Each certification of FBF Italia industrial machinery is a sign of our commitment to providing reliable performance and superior quality products. Our certifications are in fact a real promise to you, our customers, that when you turn to FBF Italia, you are choosing the quality of made in Italy production.

Discover FBF Italia’s certifications:

Certificato di conformità che tramite il marchio apposto sui prodotti conferma che questi sono stati considerati e valutati idonei dai Regolamenti Tecnici dell’Unione Doganale euroasiatica
Certificazione necessaria per garantire il rispetto di determinati requisiti obbligatori in tema di igiene alimentare
Garanzia del fatto che i prodotti rispettino i requisiti previsti dall’UE in materia di sicurezza, salute e tutela dell’ambiente
Norma americana che regola la progettazione e la produzione di apparecchiature destinate al contatto con gli alimenti

We hold the following certifications: EAC, a certificate of conformity which, by means of the mark on the products, confirms that the products have been considered and assessed as suitable by the Technical Regulations of the Eurasian Customs Union; MOCA Materials and Objects in Contact with Food), a certification needed to guarantee compliance with certain mandatory food hygiene requirements; CE marking, which guarantees that the products meet EU safety, health and environmental protection requirements It is required for products manufactured anywhere in the world and marketed within the EU. Finally, the 3-A Sanitary Standards certification is a US standard that regulates the design and manufacture of food contact equipment.

We are proud to share our certifications with you and to demonstrate, day after day, our commitment as a reliable and competent partner.


Internationally recognised excellence

In addition to the generic declarations of conformity, which attest to the quality and dedication of our work, we hold individual certifications for homogenisers and positive displacement pumps, testifying to the fact that each and every FBF Italia product is synonymous with Made in Italy excellence, recognised the world over.

Click on the different product categories and discover our certifications:

Omogeneizzatori industriali della serie FBF, progettati per garantire una miscelazione efficace e uniforme in ambito produttivo


Gamma di omogeneizzatori da laboratorio Homolab, ideali per l'omogeneizzazione di campioni in ambiente di ricerca


Omogeneizzatore da laboratorio modello Microlab 400, progettato per una miscelazione precisa e omogenea

Ice cream

Pompe volumetriche della serie FBF, utilizzate per trasferire fluidi con precisione in applicazioni industriali



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