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Our Array

Omogeneizzatori industriali della serie FBF, progettati per garantire una miscelazione efficace e uniforme in ambito produttivo


The industrial homogenizer is proficient at amalgamating and diminishing particles in products, vouching for uniform and enduring consistencies. This approach is suitable for diverse domains, including food, chemical, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.

Gamma di omogeneizzatori da laboratorio Homolab, ideali per l'omogeneizzazione di campioni in ambiente di ricerca


Our avant-garde laboratory homogenizer has a dual-piston pumping mechanism, allowing the homogenizing units to manage product specimens with added stability. This promises authentic data and finer outcomes than single-piston systems.

Omogeneizzatore da laboratorio modello Microlab 400, progettato per una miscelazione precisa e omogenea

Ice cream

Crafted to snugly fit even bijou labs, the ice cream homogenizer is indispensable for assuring the success of the resultant product, endorsing elite performance in confined spaces.

Pompe volumetriche della serie FBF, utilizzate per trasferire fluidi con precisione in applicazioni industriali.


The fabrication norms of our volumetric pumps are akin to those used in our homogenizers, marking a hallmark of elevated qualitative standards. High-pressure pumps are apt for multiple sectors such as food & beverages, chemical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics.