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Omogeneizzatori industriali della serie FBF, progettati per garantire una miscelazione efficace e uniforme in ambito produttivo


The industrial homogenizer allows for the mixing and reduction of particles in products, ensuring more consistent and stable textures. This process is applicable to various sectors and markets, such as the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries.

Gamma di omogeneizzatori da laboratorio Homolab, ideali per l'omogeneizzazione di campioni in ambiente di ricerca


Our innovative laboratory homogenizer features a configuration with two pumping pistons, allowing the homogenizing heads to work on product samples with greater stability. This ensures reliable data and more accurate results compared to single-piston machines.

Omogeneizzatore da laboratorio modello Microlab 400, progettato per una miscelazione precisa e omogenea

Ice cream

Designed to fit perfectly even in small laboratories, the ice cream homogenizer is essential for ensuring the success of the final product, guaranteeing high-level performances in limited spaces.

Pompe volumetriche della serie FBF, utilizzate per trasferire fluidi con precisione in applicazioni industriali.


The construction criteria of our positive displacement pumps are the same as those used for homogenizers, hence synonymous with high-quality standards. High-pressure pumps find their application in various industries, like food & beverages, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.