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FBF Italia around the world

FBF Italia around the world

We have an extensive sales/service network

We are a global entity, with a well-established presence of FBF Italia offices in over 40 countries worldwide. Our sales and service centres, along with our sales agencies and technical service units, synergistically work to offer full, constant, and timely support to our clients in every corner of the globe. Our extensive distribution and sales network allows us to be close to our customers, listen to their needs, and provide bespoke solutions for every challenge. The quality and reliability of our made in Italy products are complemented by the professionalism and expertise of our teams on the ground, who can intervene directly ensuring outstanding service and lasting satisfaction.

Regardless of your geographical location, you can rely on us as a trustworthy and proficient partner. Our mission is to exceed your expectations, offering you top-quality homogenizers and volumetric pumps, pioneering technologies, dedicated support, and a global footprint that sets us as a reference point worldwide. Through the many FBF Italia branches globally, we stand ready to steer you towards success, wherever you might be.

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