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Homogenizers for Ice Cream Parlours


Microlab 400

Microlab 400 is an industrial homogenizer for ice cream with a flow rate of 400 l/h and an operating pressure of 120 bar: these specifications allow for its use both in “recirculation” mode for those wanting to use only one pasteuriser and in “inline” mode for the use of two pasteurisers (pasteurisation in the first, cooling in the second).

Weight kg 120
measurements cm 45 x 49 x 75
operating pressure kw 120
pumping pistons Nr. 2
flow rate l/h 400


The mixture is drawn in by the pumping pistons and sent at high pressure (with Microlab 400 up to 120 bar) to the homogenizing valve. Exiting the homogenizing valve, the product undergoes a micronisation of its components due to forces such as: sudden acceleration with speeds of about 9,300 cm/sec, violent cavitation, friction between the particles themselves. Microlab 400 will achieve fat globules with measurements less than 3.5 µm (0.0035 mm). This micronisation strips the fat globules of their surface coating and increases their exposed surface to the work of emulsifiers, first stabilising the water-oil phase and then giving the ice cream an even softer texture and a dry sensation that characterises a good ice cream.