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Remote Homogenizing Valve

Remote Homogenizing Valve

A valve, multiple purposes

The Remote Homogenizing Valve (RHV) consists of a full homogenizing chamber that can be operated independently from what already exists (it only requires a supply of compressed air) and can be used on the following machines for various purposes:

  1. Homogenizer: if equipped with a single stage, it can be transformed into a dual-stage homogenizer (when possible, even remotely, following the aseptic phase) -> RHV with a single pressure gauge.
  2. Piston pump: if you wish to set it up for homogenizing use, > RHV with a single pressure gauge.
  3. Piston pump: if you want to retain its pump function (feeding the system) and submit the product to the homogenization phase, > RHV with a double pressure gauge.
Valvola omogeneizzante utilizzata per regolare e facilitare il processo di omogeneizzazione dei liquidi.

RHV equipped with a single pressure gauge, for reading the homogenization pressure.

Valvola omogeneizzante utilizzata per regolare e facilitare il processo di omogeneizzazione dei liquidi.

RHV with a double pressure gauge: on the right for reading the total working pressure; on the left for reading the system back pressure. The homogenization pressure value is given by the difference between the two readings.

What does our Remote Homogenizing Valve consist of?

  • The homogenizing chamber : is made of stainless steel and is processed (together with all its components) with very high precision machinery to ensure perfect alignment of the Homogenizing valve components (consisting of the Passage Head, Impact Head, Impact Ring) and achieve optimal processing of the treated product.
  • Pressure indicator (single or double) of analogue type complete with a sanitary membrane separator.
  • The oleo-pneumatic group, internal to the structure, controls the homogenization pressure. This system sends oil to the Impact Head, preventing vibrations in the Homogenizing Valve.
  • Structure made entirely of stainless steel.

Applying the Remote Homogenizing Valve is a straightforward operation on FBF Italia machines since we know their technical sizing. Therefore, we can provide all the necessary modifications for the inclusion of this application and operating specifications. For machines from other manufacturers, a separate feasibility assessment will need to be conducted.