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Ice Cream Homogenizer

Ice Cream Homogenizer

Microlab 400: the industrial homogenizer that revolutionizes ice cream production

For “industrial ice cream production, homogenizers have a pivotal role in determining the product’s success. However, in artisan ice cream parlors using this machine was challenging due to cost, size, usage intricacies, and the absence of its thorough performance analysis.

FBF Italy has taken on these challenges, crafting a superior ice cream homogenizer tailored for your distinct needs.

The mix is aspirated by the industrial homogenizer’s pump pistons and pushed under high pressure to the homogenizing valve. As it comes out, the product faces its components micronization due to forces like abrupt acceleration with speeds nearing 9,300 cm/sec, fierce cavitation, and particle friction. With our industrial ice cream apparatus, Microlab 400, fat globules measuring less than 3.5 μm (0.0035 mm) can be achieved. Such micronization removes the fat globules’ external layer, augmenting the surface for emulsifiers, initially stabilizing the water-oil phase, subsequently providing the ice cream with a creamier consistency and a unique dry sensation that signifies a high-quality ice cream.

The advantages of employing an industrial food homogenizer in the ice cream field are manifold and distinctly discernible on the palate: an enhanced flavor profile and creaminess with identical ingredients, a diminished sensation of cold, a heightened overrun, superior longevity during storage and resistance to melting, and improved digestibility.