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Ice Cream Homogenizer

Ice Cream Homogenizer

Microlab 400: the industrial homogenizer that revolutionizes ice cream production

In the production of “industrial ice cream”, homogenizers play a fundamental role in ensuring the success of the final product. However, until now, the use of this machinery in artisan ice cream parlors has often been challenging due to issues related to costs, dimensions, complexity of use, and the lack of an optimal study of its performance.

At FBF Italy, we have faced these challenges, developing a high-performing and quality homogenizer machine for ice cream, tailored to meet your personalized needs.

The mixture is drawn in by the pumping pistons of the industrial homogenizer and sent at high pressure to the homogenizing valve. Exiting, the product undergoes micronization of its components due to forces such as: sudden acceleration with a speed development of about 9,300 cm/sec, violent cavitation, and friction between the particles themselves. Our industrial machine for ice cream, Microlab 400, allows obtaining fat globules with a measurement less than 3.5 μm (0.0035 mm). This micronization strips the fat globules of their surface coating and increases the surface exposed to the work of emulsifiers, first stabilizing the water-oil phase and then giving the ice cream an even softer texture and a dry sensation that characterizes a good pasteurizer ice cream.

The positive effects derived from the use of an industrial food homogenizer in the ice cream sector are numerous and very noticeable to the palate: more flavor and creaminess with the same ingredients used, less cold sensation, higher overrun, better stability in storage and melting, and greater digestibility.