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Industrial Homogenizers



Weight kg 800 - 850
Dimensions cm 115 x 140 x 120
Power kw 18,5
Pistons plungers Nr. 3
Water consumption l/h 100
Operational pressure (bar) Flow rate from (l/h) Flow rate to (l/h)
100 2.200 6.000
130 2.200 4.500
150 2.200 4.000
180 1.800 3.500
200 1.700 3.000
230 1.300 2.500
250 1.300 2.000
300 1.100 2.000
  • Compression Head guaranteed for 5 YEARS against breakage, made from a single block of special type stainless steel, forged and ultrasonically tested.
  • Pumping pistons with a special (standard) “Diamond Like Carbon” coating.
  • Valve seats that are interchangeable and hemispherical valves designed to handle a wide range of products.
  • Homogenizing valves of high efficiency, thanks to a design aimed at maximum stability/alignment of the moving element (Impact Head) and the use of a hydraulic drive group designed to prevent any possible onset of vibrations during operation.
  • Safety valve in sanitary design, operates with a preloaded spring with a shutter and interchangeable seat.
  • Pump body made of high-quality cast iron with high resistance and thick walls, developed to withstand heavy loads and cancel out operational vibrations.
  • Crankshaft made from solid special steel, thermally treated with a super finish on the goose necks and full nitriding; it is supported by high-performance roller bearings (bushings used exclusively on the goose necks).
  • Transmission with a double reduction stage: trapezoidal belts/pulleys plus a parallel axis reducer of a leading brand (without the need for cooling water).
  • Alternating current motor of a leading brand and 4-pole standard.
  • Forced lubrication with an oil level viewer located on the front of the machine, irregular pressure alarm, intensive filtering of any impurities. Furthermore, for optimal balance/heat dissipation, all parts dedicated to motion transmission are immersed in oil.
  • Frame made with thick section square steel powder-coated; this solid structure is fully clad in stainless steel panelling with a satin finish.
  • Set of first-use replacement parts (full set of seals, spring set for valve groups, safety valve set).
  • Tools for regular maintenance.
  • Lubrication oil (for Pump Body and Reducer).
  • User and Maintenance Manual (2 copies + CD ROM).
  • Double-stage homogenization of servo-assisted type (oleopneumatic group).
  • Digital pressure transducers and analogue pressure gauges with 4-20 mA output signals.
  • Fixed flow rate (electrical panel inside the machinery).
  • Variable flow rate (stainless steel electrical panel external to the machinery).
  • Aseptic version through the use of sterile condensation barriers produced by a dedicated integrated system.
  • Compensation lungs for Product Inlet/Outlet, also specific for aseptic productions.
  • Pressure gauge at product input with alarm contact, with timed management of the disconnection-connection of homogenizing valves.
  • Semi-automatic/automatic control of homogenization pressures.

*Non-binding and subject to change without notice technical specifications.


Valvola omogeneizzante utilizzata per regolare e facilitare il processo di omogeneizzazione dei liquidi.

Remote Homogenizing

Do you have a single-stage homogenizer and want to convert it into a two-stage homogenizer easily, quickly and inexpensively?

Thanks to the Remote Homogenizing Valve (VOD), which consists of a complete homogenizing chamber that can be operated independently of the existing homogenizer, it is possible to transform the single-stage homogenizer into a two-stage homogenizer.

This is made possible by a Remote Homogenizing Valve equipped with a single pressure gauge for reading the homogenizing pressure.

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