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Volumetric Pumps

Volumetric Pumps

High-pressure positive displacement pumps FBF Italia: excellent quality standards for optimal performance

FBF Italia positive displacement pump is crafted with the identical building principles found in our homogenizers, ensuring top-notch quality standards. From the outside, they stand out due to the lack of the homogenization unit and are widely used across various sectors, including food & beverages, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.

Given that a dedicated size chart for piston-based positive displacement pump isn’t available, we request you to get in touch with our helpdesk for any further information or requirements.

Pompe volumetriche Fbf italia 1
Pompe volumetriche Fbf italia 4
Valvola omogeneizzante utilizzata per regolare e facilitare il processo di omogeneizzazione dei liquidi.

Remote Homogenizing

The Remote Homogenizing Valve (VOD) consists of a complete homogenizing chamber that operates independently from what already exists (it only requires compressed air supply) and can be used on volumetric pumps for two different objectives:

  1. VOD equipped with a single pressure gauge: if one wishes to set it for homogenizer use
  2. VOD equipped with a double pressure gauge: if one wishes to maintain its pump function (feeding the system) while subjecting the treated product to the homogenization phase.