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Volumetric Pumps

Volumetric Pumps

FBF Italia volumetric pumps: excellent quality standards for optimal performance

The FBF Italia positive displacement pump is designed with the same construction principles as our homogenizers, therefore maintaining high qualitative standards. On the exterior, they are distinguished by the absence of the homogenization group, and they find application in various sectors such as food & beverages, chemical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics.

Since it’s not feasible to showcase a specific dimension table regarding piston pd pump, we urge you to reach out to our support team for any additional information or needs.

Pompe volumetriche Fbf italia 1
Pompe volumetriche Fbf italia 4
Valvola omogeneizzante utilizzata per regolare e facilitare il processo di omogeneizzazione dei liquidi.

Remote Homogenizing

The Remote Homogenizing Valve (VOD) consists of a complete homogenizing chamber that operates independently from what already exists (it only requires compressed air supply) and can be used on volumetric pumps for two different objectives:

  1. VOD equipped with a single pressure gauge: if one wishes to set it for homogenizer use
  2. VOD equipped with a double pressure gauge: if one wishes to maintain its pump function (feeding the system) while subjecting the treated product to the homogenization phase.