Machine range


Gli omogeneizzatori FBF ITALIA sono conformi alle normative CE e sono disponibili con portate orarie da 50 a 50.000 l/h., per pressioni di omogeneizzazione fino a 2.000 bar.

Laboratory Homogenizers

Lab Homogenizers 2.20 & Lab Homogenizers 2.50

Homolab 2.20 is a laboratory homogenizer suitable to test almost 20 l/h of product, reaching an homogenizer pressure of 1.800 Bar. Homolab2.20: pricelist € 20.360,00 – Special price € 9.940,00 Homolab 2.50 is a laboratory homogenizer suitable to test almost 50 l/h of product, reaching an homogenizer pressure of 600 Bar. Homolab2.50: pricelist € 21.780,00 – Special price € 10.640,00 The FBF ITALIA laboratory homogenizer is equipped with two pumping pistons. This characteristic allows the homogenizing heads to treat the product sample to be tests carried out with single piston machines. This particular feature allows to transfer to industrial production the homogenizing result obtained in laboratory research.

The perfect homogenizer for ice cream small batch production

Microlab 400

The homogenizers play a primary rule in the industrial production of the ice cream, but they are often too expensive, far oversized and not so easy to be used when it comes to non-industrial small batch duties. With a flow rate of 400 l/h and a working pressure of 120 Bar our MICROLAB 400 perfectly suits the small batch applications. It could be used in both ways: with a single pasteurizer (recirculation duty) or with two pasteurizers (in line installation between the two pasteurizers). The objective of the homogenizing process is a positive effect on the ice cream’s taste and flavour, furthermore it make the ice cream more creamy and with a less cold feeling. The ice cream, thanks to the homogenizing process, will benefit of a longer overrun, a higher storage stability, a better dissolution and an increased digestibility.   How the MICROLAB 400 works The pumping pistons push the product trough the homogenizing valve at a pressure of 120 Bar.

Positive Displacement Pumps

The constructions criteria used for manufacturing the FBF ITALIA pumps are the same as those used for manufacturing our homogenizers and therefore assure high quality standards. Our positive displacement pumps are externally different because the homogenizing group. Since it is no possible to include a table containing positive-displacement dimensions please contact out Technical Department for further details.