Flow rate from 16 to 16,000 gallons per hour

What would happen if the river Rio Grande would flow in your factory?
It would probably cause a huge damage! Actually, the flow of Rio Grande can be “managed” by FBF Italia’s homogenizers. In fact, the models FBF200 and FBF0250 with a flow rate of 16,000 gallons per hour could be virtually able to process a volume of product similar to the flow rate (per second) of the Rio Grande which rises on San Juan Mountains. Not surprisingly, many companies around the world have chosen the reliability and flexibility of FBF Italia’s equipment: detail-oriented design, careful choice of materials, accuracy of the assembly phase and strict factory stress-tests make the Buffalo Series a very profitable investment for a process company. The low maintenance, the X-rayed checks on materials and the compliance of components to strict regulations, make FBF Italia’s products durable and low cost.
And if you do not need to process the Rio Grande’s water flow don't worry: there is a large variety of models that allows to treat products with flow rates from 16 to 16,000 gallons per hour.
The choice is now up to you!
We put all of our efforts to research and develop flexible solutions that adapt to every process requirement. Our sales and service network is always by your side to solve every problem that might arise during the production phase and will be able to suggest you the best homogenizer for your structure and needs.